“Every has different goals in life, be it short term or long term goals, the thing is we have all these goals set but do we even give some reflection and time to these?”

This was my self reflection question that i asked myself after another AMAL session, i have always kept some goals in my life but i have never truly worked towards then but my facilitators have provided me with amazing content that i would like to share with you today!

Video Editing

I started video editing as a hobby during quarantine when the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world and i have got to say that i loved every bit of it!

I am infatuated with video editing nowadays because i work part-time in a school and have to edit videos of teachers of their online classes.

I realized that this is a very good skill to have and a lot of people pay a good amount of money to have their videos edited, so as a hobby i never had any interest in making money out of it but i realized that if i am good in it i should get my hard work to pay off literally!

The challenges that i am currently facing in my video editing journey is the sheer amount of software’s that are available to use, i cannot decide which one would be better and i am still stuck. I am experimenting with at least software’s right now and there are a few factors that affect this decision of mine,

  1. The amount of RAM needed by my desktop to run these heavy software’s
  2. The amount of hard disk required
  3. The various types of options that are offered by these software’s

I will try my best to find a sweet spot so that i can easily work with this!

Wish me luck!



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